IWD 2019 - GDG Makurdi

In the March of 2019, Pius contacted me to share my knowledge about the basic concepts of Angular with the audience of Makurdi, Nigeria. It was organised as a celebration of International Women’s Day 2019. On the 31st of March 2019, I joined the audience in Makurdi via a Hangout session and discussed the topics … Continue reading IWD 2019 - GDG Makurdi


ng-India Conference 2019


Organised on February 23, 2019 in Gurgaon, India, ngIndiarightly proved its stature as the largest Angular conference of India. Starting from the love of the audience to the super informative sessions from all the speakers, the one-day conference did great justice to the community with people coming in from so many different cities/countries like Chennai, Ludhiana, … Continue reading ng-India Conference 2019

Understanding Component Communication using @Input()

Nishu Goel

Want your components to share information? Yes, they can!
Say you have two components, a parent component (PC) and a child component (CC) and you want the data to move from the parent component to the child component or vice versa, you use COMPONENT COMMUNICATION/INTERACTION.

There are multiple ways to achieve that. This article focuses on the use of @Input() to receive the data from the PC to CC.

@Input decorator is used to pass data from parent to child component. Now suppose we have created two components:
app.component.ts and child.component.ts

Here, we have decorated the message property with the @Input() decorator so that value of the message property can be set from the parent component.

Now, let us modify the parent component AppComponent to pass data to the child component.

Here we are setting the value of the child component’s property message with the help of parent component. To…

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First Routing application? Check these essential routing configs!

Hello there! Planning to start your first ever Angular application based on routing? Here are some of the most important configurations that you need to make in your project before starting with routing. Starting off with the list of files required to work with when creating routes inside an Angular application, index.html is the first file … Continue reading First Routing application? Check these essential routing configs!